Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ogos, august, augustus, elokuu, kolovoz, Sing-ha-kom, Lúnasa, 八月, Серпень, Thang Tam, авгуcт, sierpień, أغسطس

I'm so excited and as happy as a sandboy today because my favourite month, August has come. Why August is so special for me? Perhaps, for others it's just the eighth month in Georgorian Calender. However, for me it's more than just a month which was renamed in honor of Augustus, the first emperor of the Roman Empire.. (By the way, do u know that Augustus took 2 days from February and gave it to August which was originally consisted of 29 days if I'm not mistaken.. As a result, August now has 31 days while February just 28 days..)

(Picture of Gaius Octavius Thurinus aka Augustus which ruled alone from 27BC until his death)

These are some of the reasons why August which was actually the sixth month in the ancient Roman calender is so lovely and my cup of tea:

  • August 9- Singapore National's Day (the country where I'm studing now)

  • August 10- My Birthday... Hurray !!! (and my grandpa's)

  • August 17- Indonesia's National Day (the country where I was born)..

  • August 22- (ONLY FOR 2009) The beginning of Ramadhan aka the fasting month for Muslim people..

  • August 24- My Oral English Examination which means I must sacrifice my time, put in more effort and work harder..

  • August 31- Malaysia's National Day (my great and wonderful hometown)

For your information, many countries besides those I mentioned above also became independent in the gorgeous month of August such as:

  • August 1- Swiss National Day.. (Switzerland)
  • August 6- Bolivia ..
  • August 10- Ecuador... (again my B'day)
  • August 14- Pakistan..
  • August 15- Korea and India...
  • August 21- Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States of America.. (hula hula)

  • August 25- Uruguay (independent from Brazil)

Others include:

  • The end of 2nd World War (in 1945)... PEACE!!! STOP WAR!!
  • National Women's Day in South Africa (August 9)...

  • Language Month or "Buwan ng Wika " for the Philippines...
  • Holiday month for most worker in many European countries..
  • For the United States, August is the National Goat Cheese Month and the National Back to School month since some of US School districts and systems return to school in August.

  • Bon festival - (Obon Festival) is a Japanese traditional buddhist custom, evolved into a family reunion holiday. Many Japanese manufacturers and firms give their employees 3 to 5 days off around August 15.

  • etc...................


P/S: pictures are taken from flikr and yahoo image. Some informations are based on Wikipedia and My Little Book of Ideas by aLan (3/8/09). Thanks to my English teacher Miss Li Ling..

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